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Evan Dawson – Bristol photography

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I’ve worked in music and the arts since 2005, in several different roles around the UK. Throughout this time, I’ve spent much of my spare time behind a camera lens, which has gradually become a much more serious pursuit. During the past year or so, I’ve been privileged to be resident photographer at the wonderful St George’s Bristol concert hall. My images have been featured in national and local press, including the Guardian and BBC Wildlife magazine.

I use Fujifilm X-series cameras and lenses, which have a unique colour response and ‘feel’. For intimate music events, they have the advantage of being completely silent. Performers usually have no idea that I’m there, and are surprised later to see such close-up images.

I also lead the charity Live Music Now, which trains and supports hundreds of the UK’s best professional musicians to work in specialist settings each year. As a result, I’m very mindful of audiences; and I also understand musicians, and how distracting some kinds of photography can be. I also know what types of image are most useful for project managers and marketers.

Music can enable people to connect in powerful ways. Capturing this connection is a great challenge for a photographer, as the moments can be so fleeting. The challenge is even greater when the events take place in low-light venues, where flash would be inappropriate. This is where the Fujifilm X-series cameras really excel.

Please have a look at my portfolio on this website – I hope you like it. I’m also on Instagram here.

Do get in touch if you’d like to chat about photography for your project.

Thanks, Evan

Evan photographer portrait by Rufus-2

(above photograph taken by my son Rufus)