About me

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I have worked in the arts for over twenty years, and am currently Photographer in Residence at the world-famous St George’s concert hall in Bristol. My images of a wide range of subjects have been featured in national and local press, including The Guardian, The Telegraph and BBC Wildlife magazine.

I have an MA in Arts Management from City University. Since 2004, I’ve held senior roles in UK-wide arts organisations, including as CEO of Live Music Now and The Royal Photographic Society.

I use Fujifilm X-series mirrorless cameras and lenses, which have a unique colour response and overall feel. For intimate events, they can have the advantage of being completely silent. Performers and presenters often have no idea I’m there, and are surprised later to see such close-up images.

Music and arts projects can enable people to connect in powerful ways. Capturing this connection is a great challenge for a photographer as the moments can be so fleeting. The challenge is even greater when the events take place in low-light venues, where flash would be inappropriate.

Please have a look at my portfolio, which includes lots of testimonials – I hope you like it. I’m also on Instagram here.

Thanks for visiting my site, Evan

(above photograph taken by my son Rufus)